The Art of Selling at an Art Fair

The Art of Selling at an Art Fair

Susan Blackman----Art Advisory,Ltd.



Invites you on a

VIP Insiders Tour of The Other Art Fair

Mini Group Seminar

Subject near and dear to my heart: The Art of Selling at an Art Fair

Prerequisites for getting a ticket:

  1. You must be a working artist. What does that mean? You must call yourself an artist when someone asks what your occupation is and you must have sold at least 10 pieces of your work during any given year. No proof necessary, we trust you will do the right thing....
  2. You must have a website.

The tour will begin at the entrance to the fair on the first floor. Susan will give a brief introduction to The Other Art Fair and the group will have an open discussion about the functioning of artist fairs in this current market.

This will be followed by a 1hr tour, which will concentrate on 4-6 artists and their booths to illustrate best practices of artists exhibiting at artist fairs. The artists do not know we will be critiquing them. I will provide the score cards. We will give our scorecards with our recommendations to the artists when our tour is over.

Areas to be covered include;

  1. Booth Design
  2. Sales Techniques. And that is not a dirty word…
  3. Building Client Marketing Lists

Then finally, we will have a 10 minute debriefing round up, where I give my “sales pitch”…If you liked this seminar then you must consider taking my 1 on 1 Artists Business Coaching 2 hour Seminar.



Howard Frum

Event Properties

Event Date 05-17-2019 05:00 pm
Event End Date 05-17-2019 06:30 pm
Individual Price $20
Location Mana Contemporary Chicago
Categories Art Fair,Art Gallery Event,Seminar

Venue Information - Mana Contemporary Chicago

Mana Contemporary is a leading arts destination dedicated to celebrating the creative process.


Mana Contemporary Chicago is a rapidly expanding art center set in an enormous landmark building in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. Designed by noted Chicago architect George Nimmons, the building is now home to dozens of artists studios, exhibition spaces, classrooms, a central cafe, a library and more. Mana serves as a nexus for many of the strongest artists and organizations in the city. Artists of diverse disciplines, including painting, sculpture, photography, dance, film, sound, and performance work alongside each other in a novel campus environment which fosters experimentation, collaboration, and
mutual inspiration. Very established artists; studios neighbor those that house strong emerging practices, as there is a wide range of studio sizes.

A hub of programming and activity for the vital communities of Chicago artists, Mana Contemporary will also serve as a multi-institutional pedagogical platform, and already serves as home to art schools and organizations dedicated to educating and supporting emerging artists. Chicago’s existing art communities have informed this model, which grows organically with the development of each new floor, customizing and adapting to the needs and opportunities that make up Chicago’s creative landscape. Mana Contemporary strives to grow a vital community of Chicago artists, showcasing their practices, processes, and ideas to the public.